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Receiving Audio Valves
Industrial Valves

Range of Current Production Valves

The Russian Collection

E88CC 5Y3GT 6KG6 572 *
EF86/6267 6AS7G 6L6* 811 *
EL34* 6B4G 6N1P 811A
EL509/6KG6 6BA6 6N7 812A
EL84/6BQ5* 6BM8/ECL82 6SJ7 5751
EM80 6BQ5* 6SL7 5881*
KT66 6C19pi 6SN7* 6072A
KT88* 6C33C-B 6V6GT 6267
OA2 6C41C 12AT7 6550*
OA3 6C45pi 12AU7 6922*
OB2 6CA7 12AX7* 7027
OC3 6CG7 12AY7 7199
2A3 6CW4 12BH7 7591
5AR4 6EU7 83  
5U4G* 6H30Pi 300B*  

The Slovakian Collection

E88CC ECC832/12DW7 EL84 6L6GC
ECC81 ECC99 GZ34 300B
ECC82 E34L KT88 7027A
ECC83 EL34 2A3-40  

The Serbian Collection

ECC81/12AT7 ECL84/6DX8 EM84 6FQ7
ECC82/12AU7 (ECL86/6GW8) KT90 6L6GC
ECC83/12AX7 * EL34 PCC88/7DJ8 12BH7
ECC88/6DJ8 EL84/6BQ5 PL519 12DW7
ECL82/6BM8 EL519/6KG6A 6CA7  

The Chinese Collection

EL34 * (6DJ8/ECC88) 211 811 *
EL-156B 6L6 274B 812A
KT66 6N8P 300B* 813 *
KT88 * 6N9P 350B 845
KT100* 6SN7GT 350C (Improved 807) 6146B
2A3 6V6GT 572B 6550 *
5AR4/GZ34 (12AT7/ECC81) 805  
5U4G (12AU7/ECC82)) 807  
6AS7G 12AX7/ECC83 810  

* means there are several versions of this type available
Inclusion in this list does not infer availability from stock
Types in brackets ( ) are NOT in production for time being.