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Edicron has a vast range of sockets in stock to suit most valves and most applications. Those, not available from stock, can usually be obtained on short delivery.

Please type in your search criteria for sockets ONLY in the box below and click the search button. Search is case insensitive.

Example: typing UX4 will return all UX4 bases. If you know the Edicron part no. you can also use this (eg SK4C40).
If you wish to see the whole list click search without entering any data.

The database can be searched 3 different ways.
1. Enter Base Part No. eg UX4, B9A etc
2. Enter the Edicron Part No. eg SK4X40
3. Enter the Socket Group. eg B9A-C will bring up all the B9A chassis mounting sockets

Groups are:  
AO8-C Chassis mounting AO8 sockets
AO8-P mounting AO8 sockets
AO8-X Accessories for AO8 chassis sockets
B7G Sockets, cans etc - everything relating to B7G valves
B9A-C Chassis mounting B9A sockets
B9A-P PCB mounting B9A sockets
B9A-X B9A-X Accessories for B9A chassis sockets
B9D Sockets, top caps etc - everything relating to B9D valves
BASE For fitting and soldering onto actual valve
PT All power tube sockets & top caps